2015 New York West State Cup Champions!

GBUFC 01 Select is a two-time State Cup Champion!

This weekend my team defended their 2014 state cup title. We had 3 wins; scoring 10 goals, while only giving up 1.

  • Game 1 – v. ERSA BUFFALO U13 GIRLS. 4-0 Win. (2 assists.)
  • Game 2 – v. WNY FLASH ACADEMY U13 GIRLS. 3-1 Win. (1 assist.)
  • Game 3 – v. ERSA ROCHESTER U13 GIRLS. 3-0 Win.

Since joining this team in December, I’ve not only improved as a player, but I’ve made some really great friends! I can only imagine what the future has in store for us!

Next up for me – the ODP Region 1 Tournament, June 6 & 7 in W. Windsor, NJ. Next up for my team – the NCS Region 1 Championships, June 25-30 in Barboursville, WV.

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