2015 Region 1 Championship

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This past weekend we participated in the Region 1 Championship in Barboursville, WV. We went into the tournament as the defending champions, with hopes of bringing the trophy home, but unfortunately left disappointed when our third place group finish kept us from moving on to the semi-finals.

  • Game #1 – v. South Central Premier Spirit (CT). 1-1 Tie.
  • Game #2 – v. FC Frederick ’01 (MD) 0-1 Loss. (FC Frederick went on to win the Region.)
  • Game #3 – v. DE Union Orange ’01 (DE) 4-2 Win.

It’s unfortunate our national ranking dropped because of our performance, but we’ll just have to work that much harder next year to get back on top again.

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell in the scoring department lately, but I see my touches and crossing the ball into the box are improving. I’m working hard to reach my next goal – making the Region 1 Pool. I leave for Region 1 Camp in Rhode Island, on Sunday. Wish me luck!

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