2015 Region 1 ODP Camp

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I’m home from Region 1 ODP Camp in Kingston, RI. I’m happy to report that I reached my goal, and then some!

When the first id list came out on Monday, I wasn’t on it. I was disappointed because I knew that three of my GBUFC teammates had made the list (two in my age group and one in the 2001’s), and I wanted us all to make it. I worked hard on Tuesday and when the second pool list was released that afternoon, I was so excited to see my name on it!

A few people I knew were dropped from the Weds. afternoon list, (including one of my teammates), so I was worried I could be dropped too. The lists were my least favorite part of camp. My knees hurt so badly from the amount of playing and walking I had done, but I knew I could rest when camp was over, so I played my hardest for the remaining sessions. I received a lot of encouragement and direction from my coaches, which kept me motivated.

My favorite part of camp was when my name was read off the final pool list at closing ceremonies! (So I suppose the list was my most favorite part of camp as well…) I was happy one of my teammates, and a few other eastern PA girls made the list with me. My 01 teammate also made her pool. Coach Shaw then announced team rosters for both a Thanksgiving tournament and a National Training Camp, and I was on both! (Maybe it was my lucky socks?) I can’t believe I get to go to a National Training Camp!!

I don’t have any team events planned until September, so for the rest of the summer, I’m going to rest my knees for a bit and then keep working on my technique so I’m ready fall.

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